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Career Guidance Cell

The Career Guidance Cell has been catering to the needs of students with the following objectives:

• To conduct a survey among students on their career options.

• To organize programmes to create awareness about the importance of higher studies in India and Abroad.

• To organize training classes for the competitive exams such as GPAT, CAT, GRE, GMAT and to counsel them for higher studies.

• To conduct Orientation Programmes for fresher students.

• To organize and offer various programmes on Personality Development, Soft Skills and Communication Skills.

• To organize Pre Placement Training Programmes to enable students to showcase their skills during the Interview. 


Guidance is universal and the basic principles of the philosophy of guidance are common to all countries with a slight modification to suit the locally accepted beliefs and the specific guidance services offered. The eight principles of the philosophy of guidance are:

1.  The dignity of the individual is supreme.

2.  Each individual is unique. He or she is different from every other individual. 

3.  The primary concern of guidance is the individual in his own social setting. The main aim being to help him to become a wholesome person and to gain fullest satisfaction in his life. 

4. The attitudes and personal perceptions of the individual are the bases on which he acts.

5. The individual generally acts to enhance his perceived self. 

6. The individual has the innate ability to learn and can be helped to make choices that will lead to self-direction, and make him consistent with the social environment. 

7. The individual needs a continuous guidance process from early childhood through adulthood. 

8. Each individual may, at times, need the information and personalized assistance best given by competent professional personnel.