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Shri Vishnu College of Pharmacy got its full-fledged, independent pharmacology department on June 1, 2007.

Dr M.C. Prabhakara was the first to head the new department. From 2011 onwards, Dr. K .Prasad has been the

head of the department. The department has a staff of five and registered their PhD program. Currently, there

are two full-time research scholars pursuing their PhD. The department has big laboratories, library, instrument

rooms, faculty rooms and animal house. Besides facilities for isolated tissue and simple in vivo experiments,

these labs have premier instruments for several drug evaluation procedures.  Just to name a few:  

Plethysmometer, Analgesimeter, Autoanalyzer, Elisa plate reader, instruments for behavioral studies.


B Pharm students have pharmacology in the third and final years of their four-year programme. For Pharm D,

pharmacology is taught in the second and third years. The Department of Pharmacology is handling physiology

for first year B Pharm and Pharm D students.




M Pharm Pharmacology


This is a two-year programme designed to provide advanced training in various aspects of pharmacology, molecular

biology, pre-clinical and clinical drug development and pharmacotherapeutics. There areexcellent experiments to be

carried out in each of these areas, which equip the student with skills for research. The programme has tremendous

scope and students who emerge successfully have various career options. They are a much sought-after tribe in

academia and industry. They can enter the teaching profession, they can find employment in pharmaceutical

companies in R&D, clinical research organisations, medical writing as well as, in research.


The department has succeeded in finding suitable employment for those who successfully completed M Pharm.

Many of our alumni are very well placed, either in India or abroad.