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    Class Rooms

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  • Promilan-2016

    Dr.A.V.Krishnam Raju, Head, Project Management R&D, Laila Neutraceuticals R&D Center, Vijayawada - Promilan-2016

  • Address by Prof. S S Mantha, Chairman-AICTE, on 11-11-2013 on the eve of National Education Day

    Address by Dr.U.Varahala Raju, retired principal, D.N.R College - Promilan 2016

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Class Rooms

 All the classrooms of the college are well furnished with all modern facilities. Each classroom houses a large area and is designed with optimal room for natural light and air. There are sufficient classrooms for regular teaching alone and a number of other rooms like the Audio-Visual rooms and Resource rooms to facilitate better learning.

All these facilities enable the teachers to teach in a unique and innovative manner which makes the students feel involved in the teaching - learning process and improves the pace and quality of learning.
Further the students are exercised to prove their skills by allowing them to give presentations during the class work. To make the students have better access of all the concepts that they have to present, the faculty have provided a date-wise schedule of the topics. With a view to arousing an interest in the students towards comprehension of processes, situations, developing rational thinking and having an open discussion amongst themselves, we choose some videos which help the students understand the process / situation. Therefore the students watch them enthusiastically and participate actively in the ensuing discussion.