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  • Promilan-2016

    Dr.A.V.Krishnam Raju, Head, Project Management R&D, Laila Neutraceuticals R&D Center, Vijayawada - Promilan-2016

  • Address by Prof. S S Mantha, Chairman-AICTE, on 11-11-2013 on the eve of National Education Day

    Address by Dr.U.Varahala Raju, retired principal, D.N.R College - Promilan 2016

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State-of-the-art laboratories are the back bone of any Pharmacy College. Practical exposure brings real value to pharmacy degree. Shri Vishnu college of Pharmacy  has all the laboratories with the latest equipment. There are specialized labs for Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical analysis, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmaceutical microbiology & Biotechnology, Pharmacognosy etc. Apart from labs prescribed for study, there are special laboratories which train students in the latest technologies. “Nano technology” is one of such kind and equipped with many facilities to prepare novel nano drug delivery systems like nano fibres. There is multimedia English Language Labs with all the sophisticated equipment, especially to train students in communicative aspects of English.



Equipped with

Current area of Research

Pharmaceutical Technology

        Electro-spinning apparatus

        Spin coating unit

        Stability chambers


        Franz-Diffusion cell apparatus

        Differential scanning calorimetry

     Ø  Extended release drug delivery systems

     Ø  Gastro retentive drug delivery systems

     Ø  Development of Nano-pharmaceuticals (Nano powders, Nano fibers etc…)

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

     ü  Microwave reactor

     ü  Fully automated rotary evaporator

     ü  Auto dock software

     ü  TLC chambers

     Ø  Design, Synthesis and binding studies of hetero fused pyrrolopyrimidines on Adenosine receptors.

     Ø  Design, Synthesis of hetero fused pyridinones as P2 Receptor antagonists.


     ü  Auto analyzer

     ü  Student Physiograph

     ü  Light discrimination apparatus

     ü  Equipment for psycho-pharmacological research

     Ø  Study of herbal drugs for hepatoprotective and antidiabetic activities.

     Ø  Evaluation of some Nano drugs for wound healing activity.

Pharmacy Practice

     ü  Drug information centre

     ü  Micromedex

     ü  Health screening service

     Ø  Pharmaceutical care.

     Ø  Quality of life analysis.

     Ø  Health screening in various conditions.

Pharmaceutical analysis

     ü  HPLC

     ü  FTIR

     ü  Gas Chromatography

     ü  UV-Visible spectro photometry

     Ø  Method development and validation

     Ø  Bio-analytical method development

     Ø  Estimation of Genotoxic impurities.