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  • Quality Education

    Dr.U.Varahala Raju, Retired Principal, D.N.R College, Guest Lectures - Promilan 2016

  • Dr.A.V.Krishnam Raju, Head, Project Management R&D

    Promilam 2016, Dr.A.V.Krishnam Raju, Head, Project Management R&D, Laila Neutraceuticals R&D Center, Vijayawada

  • Quality Education Seminar
  • Quality Education Seminar
  • V.Jayanthi(Mylan Industries Ltd) topic on Academics to industry
  • V.Jayanthi(Mylan Industries Ltd) topic on Academics to industry
  • Mr.Purushotham Reddy (North Eastern University) gave a speech on Reglatory Affairs




Microlevel Lesson plan

In teaching-learning process, systematic approach to teaching is given utmost importance. Specially designed teaching lesson plan is introduced with an emphasis on the in-depth coverage of syllabus.  This plan helps students know well in advance about the topics that are going to be taught.   This is a double advantage as students read those topics once at home and later listen to the lecturer.  Hence, it helps students prepare well for the examinations and acquire more knowledge for future career.

Lectures are delivered using LCD projectors and Animation developed by faculty themselves or downloaded from the websites of foreign universities. Invited lectures by eminent academicians and industrialists are also included. Even academicians as well as persons from industries are invited to give talks for the benefit of students.  Thus, micro level teaching plan, experimentally proven method, can provide a lot of information in teaching-learning process.